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I find it cute.


When the person you like texts you good morning or calls you. Leaves you messages. Checks up on you all the time, just to see if you’re alright. Gets worried about you and everything. I actually don’t find that annoying. I know some people do feel suffocated. But I love it when someone does that. Keeps me smiling for days. It just shows, that you are thinking about me. That you care.

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I just want someone who will tell me they are lucky to have me. To call me theirs. To be proud of me and want to show me off to the world. I want someone who calls me just because they miss hearing my voice. I want someone who is scared to lose me. I want someone to share all their 3am secrets with me and to tell me things nobody else knows. I want someone who thinks of their future and can’t see anyone but me by their side. I want to feel wanted and needed by someone. -Unf0rgivingly (via unf0rgivingly)

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